Counting Down Until My Disney Audition!

So, I was up late at night on my laptop watching 19 Kids and Counting (I’m addicted) when I decided to check the Disney Auditions website to see if they had added any DCP Spring 2015 audition dates to the list of fall dates. I noticed they hadn’t updated (I checked like, 5 times that day), so I went on my way scrolling up the website, briefly glancing over audition dates.

I decided to Google auditions for the major cities around where I live, curious to see if Disney had ever gone to one for an audition of any kind. When I searched it, I came across a Seattle, Washington date for an audition. When I checked the date, it said AUGUST of 2014! I was SO excited and realized that it was in 38 days.

So, guess who’s auditioning for Disney next month?


The audition is for face character look-a-likes for Anna and Elsa, Ariel, Tiana, and Tinkerbell (for women- this is also a male audition). I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed when I saw these characters mentioned. You all know how much I want to be friends with Merida (and also Alice, actually), but sadly neither are being casted at my location.

But, I’m still going to go to the audition with a bunch of hope and faith in being measured at 5’3. I know it would be highly unlikely to be even considered for any of these characters, but I really want to experience an audition before the DCP one’s roll around!

Anyway, I’m really excited and my sister and boyfriend will be auditioning with me. We’re going to be driving 4 1/2 hours to Seattle and spend the weekend there before the audition! Wish me luck, I’m sure I’ll post an update about auditions before the date actually arrives (from now, 35 days until the golden day)! I hope you guys are doing well, and thanks for reading!

– Eryne


Update: I’m Alive!

Helloooooo everyone! I am indeed alive! I returned from Disneyland a week ago and I have TONS of pictures to post, stories to share, and more! I also have some more DCP updates for my nearing application and auditions. Anyway, I just wanted to post something to say hi to my followers, I appreciate you all! Here’s an Anna and Elsa picture that I took while I met them (PS: it was the best character interaction EVER). -Eryne

Why I Want To Be a Disney Face Character

Hey everyone! This post is very spontaneous, but I was in the mood to talk about my life goal. So, let’s jump into it!

Like every girl ever, I’ve wanted to be a Disney Princess since I was a little girl. I was obsessed with Ariel growing up and I can remember the times I would wait in line with my autograph book at Disneyland waiting to meet her. The magic you experience as a kid while you’re meeting your favorite Princess is absolutely indescribable. What could be better than creating those memories for kids yourself.

Everyone has had at least one memorable experience with a Disney face character (I mean, that’s just a fact of life). A few of mine have included playing red-rover with the Queen of Hearts, playing duck-duck-goose with Peter Pan and Wendy, Merida being excited about how we had matching hair, and Ariel being extremely happy that I had a starfish in my hair like a mermaid (and red hair). Once I got past the awkward phase of hating characters in my early teenage years, character hunting has become one of my favorite things!

But, every little girl grows and realizes that they do not look like a princess to themselves. When I first thought about applying for the Disney College Program I immediately picked out roles I thought would be applicable to my personality and capabilities, and these roles did not include character performer. My personal body image was terrible and I knew I was too fat and ugly to be a face character. Sure, I could be a fur character with my height, but I really wanted to be a princess like everyone else.

After I thought that my current college situation would get in the way of DCP, I forgot about auditions and my dream. I pushed it aside because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Only recently I figured out I could do the DCP next spring semester and still be fine for my pushed back graduation date. This opened up the new door to me of picking out what I thought my top three roles would be. When I was reevaluating my picks from when I previously thought I could apply, I reassessed my dream role of character performer. I was no longer as “fat” as I thought I was and I had learned the magic of makeup.  Could I actually apply and get a positive answer?

My motivation to audition has been over the fact that I believe I could possibly be friends with Merida. One of the most recent friends of Merida has a larger nose, much like mine. I have the pale skin, unique green eyes, and body to play her. My height is a little short (5’2″), but I have met at least one Merida in the park who has been the same height as me. I have never wanted something as much as I’ve wanted to be friends with her! I get overly excited over seeing pictures of Merida’s friends, knowing that if I try hard enough one day, that might be me.

Although I haven’t auditioned, I am planning on doing so in September (three months away!!). This job is my dream and I will audition as many times as I can! For me, college can wait if I get my dream job. And, in the case of being friends with any character (face or fur), this dream would be short lived. So, I would have to act on the chance right away! And, I’m prepared to do just that!


2 Weeks Til Disneyland + First Impressions



Hey everyone! This is my FIRST official post of this blog, and I’m super excited about it. I made this blog to post my Disney experiences throughout this year, past trips, AND my DCP adventures (hopefully). I will be applying for Spring 2015 (maybe advantage) in both Disneyland AND Disney World! I would love to share my summer before the program and…

My 15th trip to Disneyland (WOO!) and my FIRST trip to Disney World!

I would love to remember my memories and share the pictures I take this summer on a blog that isn’t just professional (side note: I have my own photography small business). I also would love for my fellow spring 2015 DCP applicants to get to know me better if they chose to read these posts! It doesn’t hurt to be friendly, doesn’t it? 

So, this first post is basically just a big hello to the people reading! Go read my about page if you want, check out my photography Facebook page, or talk to me on the DCP Facebook page. Whatever you want to do, just remember I don’t bite! I’m planning on making a blog post about my Club 33 experience, so keep an eye open for that! 

Have a magical day!

– Eryne